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What is PurplShip solving?

PurplShip offers an open source solution to integrate one or multiple shipping carriers API with ease.

Who is PurplShip for?

PurplShip is available as a library exposing tools to get the communication with shipping carriers directly from your codebase. Additionaly, the clean JSON in -> JSON out architecture makes it easy to package it as a self contain REST API.

What is the benefit of using PurplShip?

PurplShip unifies the differencies between shipping carriers diverse APIs to propose a simple well documented interface to request services from all of them. Shipping carriers often have documentations difficult to follow with omitted vital information, changing constantly. All these pain are relieved by the strong well-tested foundation offered by PurplShip.

Is PurplShip easy to use?

Yes. PurplShip hides the complexity of dealing with SOAP and XML, and other shipping integration challenges in favour of a higher level API expressed in simple code.